At a time when the world is calling for sustainable action, Grup Voltes assumes a leadership role, embracing challenges with innovation and collaboration. This article details our commitment to the circular economy and how we work with other industry leaders to make a difference. The need for sustainable innovation: In a world faced with accelerating… Read More »VOLTES Group with the circular economy

Urbanization to consolidate feed factory ctra. N-230 Km 23 of Almenar. Satisfied to be able to present the process and final result of the new construction works of the Ventura Gassol Institute. In this video, you can see in detail the transformation and the efforts made to guarantee a first-class educational infrastructure. ▶️ Project: Institute… Read More »The Works of the Ventura Gassol Institute in Badalona have been completed | Grup VOLTES

We are delighted to announce that Grup Voltes has been awarded works that reinforce our commitment to improving infrastructures and promoting energy efficiency. We have been selected by the Department of Education to carry out the reform of the Institut Màrius Torres. The project, awarded for an amount of €589,483.64 (VAT included), will consist of… Read More »Grup Voltes wins the contract for the refurbishment of Màrius Torres

The works consist of different actions on a section of Avda. Rovira Roure of 1500 ml. in order to be able to rearrange the traffic to accommodate 2 lanes both entering and exiting Lleida. This action involves the demolition of existing sidewalks and medians, excavation of boxes and backfill to widen lanes and even expropriation… Read More »Road improvement and mobility works Av. Mayor Rovira Roure of LLEIDA

We are happy to announce that the VOLTES Group is working on the construction of the new bike lane on Carrer Rosselló, Fresser and Passeig Maragall, as well as on the expansion of the sidewalk on Carrer Fresser and the reorganization of the Conca-Còrsega intersection, in the districts of the Eixample, Sant Martí, Horta-Ginardó and… Read More »Construction of a new cycle path and improvement of pavements in the districts of Barcelona

We are pleased to inform you that we are working on the reform works of Av. Meridiana de Barcelona, area C. Espronceda – C. Felip II. This major redevelopment includes the renewal of services and the extension of landscaped areas on the existing sidewalks, as well as the creation of a new cycle lane on… Read More »Reform works of Av. Meridian of Barcelona

Construction of a new industrial building for Ronda Fruits in Barcelona, with a total area of 4,500m²! The ship stands out for its modernity and efficiency, with a mixed structure of concrete and steel and a foundation with prefabricated piles. A total of 4 scales have also been installed to facilitate loading and unloading operations.… Read More »Construction of an industrial building for Ronda Fruits

At Grup Voltes we are working intensively on the earthmoving project for our client @Hinaco, in the construction of a pizza manufacturing warehouse in the town of San Esteban de Litera (Huesca).25,254 m³ of excavation of topsoil will be carried out, 152,325 m³ of excavation in ripped rock waste, and 152,325 m³ of embankment, to… Read More »Construction of an industrial warehouse in the town of San Esteban de Litera (Huesca)

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