This year we were able to meet at the central offices of Grup Voltes, in the annual meeting in which a summary of the most important data of this year that is coming to an end was shared with all the staff. All the attendees enjoyed a group dynamic in charge of Sergi Grimau, emphasizing… Read More »Annual meeting Group Voltes 2022

Voltes Connecta has been awarded the third lot of the Plaça de les Glòries urban project (Urban Canopy) which is an area of around 15 hectares intended for neighborhood use with a predominance of green areas. The project includes: – the urbanization of the Mirador de la Gran Via with the construction of a viewpoint… Read More »Award of the third lot of the Plaça de les Glòries urban project (Urban Canopy) in Voltes Connecta

The earthworks are carried out on a plot of 21,570 m2 in total area in the Vilapark Business Park in Vilanova de la Barca. For the execution of this earthworks, a total excavation volume of about 12,000 m³ is planned and about 23,000 m³ of all natural and artificial will be provided in order to… Read More »Implementation of a logistics warehouse for goods in the Vilapark Industrial Estate in Vilanova de la Barca (Lleida), by TRANSERVETO

Earthworks, excavation of 1,161,460 m³ rock, excavation of 162,801 m³ embankment and transport of surplus material are carried out. Machinery intended for the execution of the work: Bulldozers / Ripers: CAT D9T CAT D9R CAT D8T   Excavators: CAT 330 D CAT 345 CLME   Tractors: JOHN DEERE 9320 with Tragella of 15 m³ JOHN… Read More »Execution of regulation pond of the Portellada of the Community of Irrigators of the Irrigation of Ontiñena, Monegros II, Ballobar (Huesca), for Group Tragsa

The work consists of the execution of an esplanade of approximately 90,000 m², being the total volume of the earth movement of 16,614 m of excavation of vegetal earth, 240,000 m³ of excavation in clearing in all type of land and 240,000 m of embankment with material from the work itself.   Machinery intended for… Read More »Earthworks for the construction of an industrial building in Albelda (Huesca) by HINACO S.A.

Having worked for a year in this promotion, the sum of daily efforts and the utmost care in the work done, taking care of every last detail in all the finishes, have allowed us to achieve an excellent result. We want to stand out; Wood-lined entrances Garden + pool Armored front door Interior doors lacquered… Read More »Rehabilitation of a multi-family building in Torrefarrera

Construction of a control pond and installation of flow control elements at the pumping station. In this work, the construction of an irrigation regulation pond in the municipality of Almenar (Lleida) is carried out, which occupies an area of 12 Ha and will have an approximate capacity of 1,000,000 m3. The pond will be connected… Read More »Project for the modernization of irrigation in the Bassanova – Almenar Irrigation Community

Work on the extension of refrigerated warehouses and urbanization of roads. Urbanization of the PAU-16 Sector in the Municipal Term of Alcoletge (Segrià). The work has an area of action of about 4,200 m2 between roads and sidewalks. It includes the widening and improvement of existing roads and the construction of service networks of: Rainwater… Read More »Expansion of refrigerated warehouses and urbanization of the PAU-16 Sector in the Municipal Term of Alcoletge (Segrià) | CASERFRI

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